How It Works

Watch this video to learn more about VeriGuard’s capabilities.

VeriGuard Overview

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1. Approaching Kiosk

Approaching Kiosk
Veriguard uses AI Powered Facial Recognition, intelligent voice responses, and a crystal clear 8 inch LCD screen. Customize features and options

2. Automated Options

Safety & Security Options
Our no-contact kiosk ensurse the safety and security by logging unrecognized faces, a tower-light signaling entry, and helps to ensure compliance

3. Kiosk Responses

AutoVoice & Light Tower

Your trust is important to us which is why we ensure the effectiveness of our solutions and offer a 30 day warranty to our customers.

Facial Recognition

Veriguard uses AI Powered Facial Recognition to monitor employee and visitor security.

Thermal Scanning

Veriguard provides an accurate temperature reading within seconds using infrared thermal scanning with a +/- 0.3 F varience.

Mask Detection

Veriguard has a mask detection features that ensures all employess and visitors are compliant with your organizations policies.

Visitor Security

Our no-contact kiosk ensurse the safety and security by logging unrecognized faces and using a tower-light signaling entry.

This unit provides automatic body temperature scanning at a distance of up to 17". Additional features include AI-powered facial recognition, face mask recognition, intelligent voice broadcasting, plug-and-play operation, an 8" LCD screen, and a binocular camera with 1280 x 800 resolution.
Interfaces on this device include RS-485, RJ45, a Wiegand input and output, a relay out, a reset button, and a USB slot. The Intro is IP65 rated for safe outdoor use.​